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One item I can’t live without.

The gro light (available here). Possibly my favourite piece of kit we've brought - it's easily fitted and adjusted dependant on light level wanted, doesn't require batteries or charging and as it sits within the normal light fitting rather than on a surface ..... I don't have to dust it. It's been so useful that… Continue reading One item I can’t live without.

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Seven weeks six days

Mila is growing into her sparrow legs and is a lot sturdier! She is developing a proper personality and is turning into a smiley (most of the time) little lady who absolutely knows her mind, god help me when she starts walking and talking. Her favourite things at the minute... - When you play music… Continue reading Seven weeks six days

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Home Snaps

We had booked in for a couple of newborn photoshoots for Mila which we were advised tend to work best in the first few weeks... but what with our repeated little trips to and from the hospital, trying to think about getting to a studio was at the bottom of my to do list. However,… Continue reading Home Snaps

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She’s here!

Baby Mila Aurora - born 27.02.18, I'm already obsessed and besotted with this little lioness. After a 36 hour labour, theatre trip and narrowly missing a blood transfusion, it was a little tougher than I thought it would be but she was completely worth it. Our first week with her hasn't gone exactly to plan… Continue reading She’s here!

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Giving Yoga a Whirl….

I have never in my life done yoga. I am so inflexible its unreal. And being asthmatic means I find it virtually impossible to do yoga breathing of in for 4 seconds and out for 6 seconds... it makes me hyperventilate! However, I will try (almost) anything for an easier labour.... so at about 30… Continue reading Giving Yoga a Whirl….

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Aromatherapy bath bombs by Southampton company ‘Sabao’

As I approach week 826 of being pregnant the only thing that really relieves aches and pains in the evening is a long soak in a (possibly hotter than it should be but who cares) bath and an episode of Friends. I came across Sabao online - handmade products made by the beautiful mumpreneur Nisha… Continue reading Aromatherapy bath bombs by Southampton company ‘Sabao’

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The story of our rainbow baby

I can't wait to meet the little lady that's nearly done baking, but it hasn't been a straight forward journey getting to this point. It took a lot longer than I thought it would but eventually in late summer 2016, after nearly 18 months of trying, we finally got that positive test. After so long… Continue reading The story of our rainbow baby

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Can you spot me? The #thankyoumidwife campaign

Blink and you'll miss me! Featuring yet another of my staple vest tops (Pregnancy essential) I loved being a part of this campaign. It's sad to think that those who care for us in our most vulnerable moments and support us in bringing the most amazing little thing into the world, don't feel valued in… Continue reading Can you spot me? The #thankyoumidwife campaign

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8 Things no one tells you about being pregnant

1. Cravings of weird stuff like metal and coal shavings on pizza are not that common. Cravings for ice cream and sleep and more ice cream are. I have no boundaries on the amount I will eat or if it is entirely appropriate to eat it for breakfast. 2. Weeks 36-40 feel longer than the… Continue reading 8 Things no one tells you about being pregnant

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Antenatal Classes….

I'm not going to lie.... I wasn't looking forward to it. Six hours in a room full of strangers, on plastic seats, with bad aircon and limited snacks (snacks are life), racking up a monstrous hospital parking tab. What I was looking forward to was the look of horror on Karl's face having to watch… Continue reading Antenatal Classes….