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10 things Ive learnt since breastfeeding

1. Everything is just 1 inch out of reach. Your phone, muslins for spillage, your drink, the Tv remote. Always just 1 inch out of reach.

2. Baby bogies will get smeared across your boobies.

3. Turns out, whilst feeding is Milas fave time to poo. In one end out the other it seems.

4. Babies get FOMO. I reckon about 250 people have probably had an eyeful of boob as shes whipped her head around unexpectedly to have a good look at a dog/ someone sneezing/ the sky/ a poor teenage boy bringing my tea over.

5. Every feed Mila gulps so furiously you can actually hear it – like it’s been 63 years since the last feed.

6. Burping baby after will nearly always lead to at least a little bit of sick. This sick will allllways leap and land next to the muslin, on your furniture. Not on the muslin. Next to it. Or on Karl.

7. Those night time feeds where it’s just me and her… they’re the best, when she snuggles in falling asleep… oh my god the love.

8. Nursing tops are a bit of a con. In order to use them for their designed purpose of keeping your dignity, it relies on baby being able to root around, find your boob, latch on and remain latched for the entire feed. And that does not happen! Also, of you rely on all the above and it doesn’t work, you get wet patches on your top which makes you feel like you’re wearing a permanently damp swimming costume.

On this note, my fave breastfeeding/wet patch moment was not realising my boobs were leaking all over the place (obv not literally) under the robe whilst I was having my hair cut. yup, that was a great walk back to the car.

9. Baths are amazing. Showers make your boobies hurt.

10. Being stroked on your neck by a tiny little hand that is really really enjoying her night time snack is. The. Best.

💜It’s amazing, tiring, stressful, rewarding, back breaking, heartwarming, sometimes easier than formula, sometimes definitely not easier than formula! And whilst Im now starting to replace a few of Milas boobie banquets with bottles each day, I’m proud that I’ve made it this far 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

One thought on “10 things Ive learnt since breastfeeding

  1. I breast fed back in the time of Noah!
    I’m joking but, things were not so good for breast feeding mums then… or maybe they were and things haven’t changed much?
    My main issue was baby pulling off to look at whatever caught their attention at the exact moment that my ‘let down’ reflex had fully kicked in…. leading to a bit of a ‘spray everyone nearby’ situation!
    I was like, “Oops, I’m so sorry, did I get you?”


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