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One item I can’t live without.

The gro light (available here).

Possibly my favourite piece of kit we’ve brought – it’s easily fitted and adjusted dependant on light level wanted, doesn’t require batteries or charging and as it sits within the normal light fitting rather than on a surface ….. I don’t have to dust it. It’s been so useful that we’ve got one in our room and her room.

The blue hue makes that 3am nappy change just a little less savage on your bleary eyes, is enough to mesmerise her whilst changing but also not fully wake her up during night feeds.

There are so many faddie first world problems gadgets and gizmos on offer, it all got a bit ridiculous when we were shopping. I mean, do people actually buy baby wipe warmers? And is there really the demand there for baby knee pads? Not to mention the premium price tag for a ‘baby food maker’ also known as…a small blender.

I’ll stick with slightly grubby knees and a non fussy child whose butt gets wiped with un heated wipes….. but I would absolutely recommend the gro light… so sensible, so un- exciting but well worth it.

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