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Seven weeks six days

Mila is growing into her sparrow legs and is a lot sturdier! She is developing a proper personality and is turning into a smiley (most of the time) little lady who absolutely knows her mind, god help me when she starts walking and talking.

Her favourite things at the minute…

– When you play music and sing to her… I let Karl lead on this particular area unless I can be sure no one else will hear me.

– She also loves being carried in really unsustainable positions and they must ensure she is either completely horizontal or completely vertical… not a fan of curves! On that note, if you are carrying her, you must be moving at all times. Even when she’s asleep she grunts angrily if you stop.

– The bath! Absolutely loves it! Getting out of the bath…. not so much.

Not a fan of…

– Being stationary. In your arms, in the car, in the sling, in the pushchair. This is particularly great as Southampton has an alarming number of traffic lights, so I get stop start crying for much of my journeys.

– Being left out of the action in her pram, she wants to see what everyone else is seeing… hoping this will remedy itself when she goes into the buggy.

What I’ve learnt so far….

– Being a parent will squash ALOT of the assumptions you make while you’re pregnant. I don’t know who I thought I was when I thought I could get by without a dummy!?!

– The internet is great at times but there is definitely such a thing as too much information – there are always conflicting solutions, opinions and study results – Im learning to take it all with a pinch of salt and trust my instincts.

– Routine, even at this early stage, has been my best friend. It was tough at times but we are reaping the rewards now as Mila is easier to predict. As a result, sometimes…. just sometimes, I feel like I’ve got a sense of control on this whole mum thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Snaps from the past few weeks…

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