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Home Snaps

We had booked in for a couple of newborn photoshoots for Mila which we were advised tend to work best in the first few weeks… but what with our repeated little trips to and from the hospital, trying to think about getting to a studio was at the bottom of my to do list.

However, we did get to have some pictures done in our home, taken by Thursdays Child Photography. And I love them. Nothing gimmicky, just really natural photos of the three of us, comfortable in our own home environment.

The fact that Carley would come to us made everything so easy – she was extremely patient with us as we hobbled around (both being post op n all!) and was happy to make herself scarce when Mila decided she needed a 20 min brunch even though I had literally fed her less than an hour before…. then a top up 5 minutes later… she’s certainly her fathers child.

Carley was with us for about 2 hours and I’m so so happy with the photos. Daddy/daughter photos make my heart melt and I’m grateful to Carley for being so flexible, accommodating, friendly and for capturing those first few shots of our new family….. without capturing the bags under mine and Karl’s eyes.

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