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She’s here!

Baby Mila Aurora – born 27.02.18, I’m already obsessed and besotted with this little lioness. After a 36 hour labour, theatre trip and narrowly missing a blood transfusion, it was a little tougher than I thought it would be but she was completely worth it.

Our first week with her hasn’t gone exactly to plan either! We luckily managed to get discharged from hospital and home 24 hours before the snow hit but 2 days later Karl ended up being taken back to a&e with possible appendicitis… it turned out to be kidney stones and reduced kidney function which they coincidentally say is as close to labour as men will ever feel…

He was in hospital for 4 days after his operation which was 4 days that Mila and me couldn’t see him as she’s too young and at risk to be in a hospital. It was horrible but I tried to keep him upbeat and not feel as isolated by sending pictures and videos and face timing as often as possible.

My mum was my absolute rock during that time – she stayed with me, taught me how to look after Mila, cooked me meals, stayed up into the early hours with me to make sure I was okay, and she made me laugh every day, I’m so so thankful to her.

Karl’s out of hospital and on the mend now – catching up on as many cuddles as possible. Between us we have a rather extensive pharmacy of medicines going but we’re getting back on track and learning to be a family.

So far we have given Mila her first bath (7.3.18) and taken her for her first journey in the pram (8.3.18)… she slept the entire time and I’m not convinced she realised we had even left the house.

My favourite things this week;

1 – when she puts her hands on my chest and snuggles her feet in as she’s feeding.

2 – when she stretches every fibre of her long little self, yawning like a lion

3 – her sneaky little smiles… which I know are wind! But they still make me melt!

My least favourite thing this week;

My god she is a noisy sleeper. Much like her father, meaning I’ve felt like I’ve been sharing my bedroom with an alarming number of farm yard creatures.

4 thoughts on “She’s here!

  1. Sheโ€™s so pretty!
    I think everyone has their labour story to tell but yours was quite a story!
    Mummy ended up in theatre and not to be out done, so did daddy!
    I love that I was your rock throughout it all…. no where else Iโ€™d rather be!


    1. Dear Hattie. Your words tell a touching story of the joys and difficulties you both faced during and after the birth of your beautiful Mila. I am so glad Sarah was with you to give her loving support..So hope the story will now continue in calmer waters and with plenty to delight you as you enjoy your lovely new daughter. . Looking forward to the next episode from Crossways!! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ™‹xxx


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