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Giving Yoga a Whirl….

I have never in my life done yoga. I am so inflexible its unreal. And being asthmatic means I find it virtually impossible to do yoga breathing of in for 4 seconds and out for 6 seconds… it makes me hyperventilate! However, I will try (almost) anything for an easier labour…. so at about 30 weeks pregnant I decided to start yoga… better late than never right…

Its supposed to increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of all the muscles needed in labour, ease back pain and help create more space to ease breathlessness.

Got myself a nice purple mat from amazon and searched for ‘beginners pregnancy yoga’ on youtube. Turns out this is big business…. and some peoples idea of ‘beginners’ is questionable. But I soldiered on and now every night for 45 mins I do a yoga workout… sometimes Karl even joins in (his favourite bit is when they tell him to reconnect with his baby, putting his hands on his stomach and breathing deeply….).

After trying a lot of videos on youtube, my fave is definitely Riki Jones (2 videos available) followed by the third video just before bed 🙂




My favourite positions are these 🙂 >>>>>


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