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Can you spot me? The #thankyoumidwife campaign

Blink and you’ll miss me!

Featuring yet another of my staple vest tops (Pregnancy essential) I loved being a part of this campaign.

It’s sad to think that those who care for us in our most vulnerable moments and support us in bringing the most amazing little thing into the world, don’t feel valued in their jobs.

They are superheroes.

The pampers campaign inspired over 15,000 people to show their appreciation for their midwife which is a donation of over £15,000 to the Benevolent fund of the royal college of midwives!

But it shouldn’t have to be a Christmas campaign – neither does it have to be a grand gesture; often midwives and nurses have to provide their own tea and coffee supplies, so packed in with our hospital bag is a big old box of Yorkshire tea bags (nothing beats them) and some sweet treats that we will be taking with us for the staff room. It wont break the bank and its not over the top cheesey …… but we all know nothing brings a smile to us brits like a cracking cup of ☕️

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