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Antenatal Classes….

I’m not going to lie…. I wasn’t looking forward to it. Six hours in a room full of strangers, on plastic seats, with bad aircon and limited snacks (snacks are life), racking up a monstrous hospital parking tab.

What I was looking forward to was the look of horror on Karl’s face having to watch footage of an actual birth with all the bells and whistles showing….. turns out they didn’t even show it which was a bit of a disappointment.

But it was actually really lovely. Meeting other couples who were within a few weeks of our own due date was so interesting – I don’t know anyone else really who is having a baby around me so it was really handy to be able to compare notes and share in the laughter of other people who knew exactly how both Karl and I were feeling.

So what did I learn?

Number one – make sure hospital bags are packed. Really really do this as once in labour it is absolutely the last thing I will want to do and it falls to Karl to take charge (no the Xbox is not appropriate… nope it’s not a necessity either).

Number two – when baby is here, just remember ‘feet to foot’. Whether in a cot, crib or Moses basket, if her feet are already at the foot of the bed it’s much safer and she can’t wriggle down under her blanket. This may seem like a random thing to remember but as someone who works in the emergency services, tragedies involving cot death do niggle at my subconscious.

Number three – Apparently perennial massages are really good in the weeks leading up to labour. NO NO NO. NO THANK YOU.

Not sure it needed to be six hours long, but we went for ice cream after so that’s a win. Plus Karl seemed to learn a lot….

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