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Look after yourself….

I’m being told, look after yourself, sleep. Then sleep some more. As it’s the last time yourll sleep for 5 years! Enjoy a quick trip to the shop actually being a quick trip to the shop.

Well okay then!

So 3 hours at the beauty salon is completely okay and whilst I do still resemble an egg on legs, an egg with a good shellac, eyelash tint, eyebrow tidy and complete de-fuzz from the waist down.

I go to this great lady in the City Centre who specialises in sugar wax and whilst its never going to be a joyful event, its not quite as horrendously painful and she’s fab about trying to maintain some level of dignity…. even when I’m helplessly flailing on my back like a turtle that’s been flipped over and can’t right itself.

As well as the obvious aesthetic improvement to my face, nails and errrr nether regions, it definitely helps to make you feel more comfy and in control and ladylike …. and will totally make alllll the difference when I’m 20 hours into labour…

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